Thursday, 9 February 2012

Other lego reprap

I thought I'd put all the lego attempts I could find here:

The competition: Lego Mendel system. This is by far the most advanced Lego reprap/repstrap I've seen. Also, looking at the timing it looks like we're in for a race to see who can finish a Lego reprap first!

Lego reprap XY stage. It's clear how to build this, but how would you secure the moving stages? It can't float on one beam; it would twist and flex too much.

Youtube video of a working Lego reprap XY stage. This is the only one I've seen actually doing anything. The same guy seems to have had less success with the Z axis.

Remnants of a Lego reprap? Just ruins here, can't find any info on it actually working.

3D lego chocolate printer (not a reprap, but similar).

There's some lego in here, but it's only a small fraction of a machine that looks pretty shaky.

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