Thursday, 9 February 2012


The bearings are made as simply as I could manage. They need hard-wearing surfaces (compared to lego!) both as a sleeve around the threaded rod, and at the end of the rod to resist the end of the rod being pushed through. The method of construction I chose was to buy:

- some hollow metal pipe just large enough to act as a sleeve around the threaded rod
- some L-section metal stock
- some square section wood

I drilled holes in the wood just large enough to fit the metal pipe and then hammered the pipe into the holes. The pipe was cut to length, then a piece of L-section was screwed onto the back of the wooden blocks to close off one side. Finally I wrapped the whole thing in duct tape and punched a hole for the threaded rod; the tape acts as a rough seal so I can pack the metal sleeve (bushing?) with grease.

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